Direct Service Staff Training- Trauma Informed Nutrition

March 16, 2021 @ 9:00AM — 10:30AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Trauma-informed care trainings for those providing direct services for those experiencing homelessness and poverty. We recognize that many of the agencies teach trauma-informed care to their staff, but it is in the context of the client experiencing trauma. What happens when staff members feel stress and trauma themselves? We are going to address this priority in a monthly training providing up to date research and data, self-care options and networking with other staff members that sometimes experience similar challenges. Join us for these popular gatherings. You will find yourself in great company, challenged and encouraged! Plus it is FREE!

Direct Service Staff Training- Trauma Informed Nutrition image

Trauma Informed Care Training for Direct Service Staff


This month's training focuses on our complex relationship with food and nutrition in the context of stress and trauma. Join us as we welcome Adrienne Markworth from Leah's Pantry as we explore this very timely topic.

We will also welcome back Dr. Whitney Griffin (Rewired Brain Yoga) to lead us into a brief yoga and meditation for the workplace. And we will provide the opportunity for networking. Best of all, it is FREE! Sign up and join us; you won't be disappointed!